I know that it seems a little early to be talking about the holidays but this year Love INC would like to host a first ever Christmas Dinner/party, tentatively scheduled for December 22nd or 23rd. This is for families and individuals who do not have family in the area and have limited funds.

We want to show community support to make the holidays a fun time for these families. We have had over one hundred stockings donated to us this past year and we are hoping to get churches to adopt at least five stockings each and fill them with items and candy. They will also need to be labeled with male, female, unisex, adult or child.

If this is something your church would like to do, please contact Chris at Love in the Name of Christ. We are also in need of volunteers for this event. We will need people to decorate, clean up, cook serve food, help bring in entertainment and any other aspect the we might need help in. We are doing this tentatively on the 22nd or 23rd. I will be having a meeting sometime in September for anyone interested in helping. I will send a notice when we get it planned.

If you cannot commit to a day, at least think about helping in areas that you can do on your own time.

Thank you for your consideration,

Chris Ellis (Clearinghouse Coordinator) 262-5170

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