I know we just finished with the month of October and we are already thinking about the upcoming holidays.  We had the harvest potluck and auction. We had our first fundraiser bake sale and our first pumpkin patch. All were very successful and we would like to thank Sterling Small Business for helping to set up the pumpkin patch. We would also like to thank all our volunteers and businesses that donated items and helped to make all our ventures a success. We had over a hundred children come through the pumpkin patch. We ran out of pumpkins and candy, so keep this in mind for next year.

Love INC has many things going on for the holidays. I am going to start by announcing that Love INC is working together with Birchridge Community Church to “Share the Love” event. This will help everyone involved in meeting the needs of our families on the Kenai Peninsula. We will be taking donations of food and toys. We plan to host a store for children to shop for their parents. This may be the first time for many kids to get to pick up something for their parents so we need donations for adults. We will also need Christmas gift bags to put their presents in. Volunteers are always welcome if this is something you are interested in. More details will be coming when thing are arranged.

We will be having a volunteer potluck and making “Gifts in a Jar” for our neighbors in need. If there is anyone in your church who would like to volunteer for this, please call Chris 262-5170 for details. We need donations of canning jars, beans, flour and other items. A list will be emailed to all churches.

Last but not least, we are taking donations for Thanksgiving boxes. I will be attaching our list for holiday food items. This year we have many, many families in need. So please consider donating. We will be receiving Thanksgiving boxes on the 21st and 22nd of November for distribution.

Any questions please call Chris at Love INC 262-5170.

Download Thanksgiving Box List

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